A soldier comes out to his father

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Today’s a great day to be a gay American:  the discriminatory policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” officially has ended.  A moving pictorial listing of 100 soldiers who have come out is available via OutServe.

The video below shows a young soldier in Germany who finally feels about to come out to his father in Alabama.  It’s an amazing video — these moments are usually hidden from view.

2 Responses to “A soldier comes out to his father”

  1. Roger Walcker says:

    WOW! What a great day! My name is Roger Walcker. I am an “out and proud” gay Christian Architect (University of Oregon, class of 1974). Since July, 2006, I have been HIV+. Last October 3rd, I was one of 12,000 Walkers in the 2010 AIDS Walk in Portland, Oregon. We earned $420,000 for Cascade AIDS Project. Both numbers are all-time records. I know both Oregon Senators personally. Both Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley speak at the AIDS Walk. I live in downtown Portland, Oregon and am healthy and thriving.

    • John Ballew says:

      Hey, Roger — thanks for your comment, and congratulations on your health and your activism! Here’s wishing you more of both. JOHN

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