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What New Years’ resolution do you think is most common?  Diet and exercise are probably at the top of the list in American culture; we tend to find it easy to eat too much (or to eat the wrong stuff), and we live in a time when most of us are employed in sedentary activities.

Our resolution-making instincts may be good, but too often our standards are perfectionistic – change our habits so drastically as to be unrealistic.  The video below suggests a different approach:  limit the amount of sedentary time.  There is growing evidence that as little as 30 minutes of walking a day can not only make our bodies healthier, but also our mental and emotional states.  A little exercise combats both depression and anxiety, for instance, and is a useful supplement to psychotherapy.

Many of my clients are interested in avoiding antidepressant medication, or limiting the amount they need to take.  While that’s not always possible, sometimes exercise can help.