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There is more and more evidence that we make choices that dramatically impact the state of our health, the focus of a new book called The End of Illness by David Agus.  Macleans.ca summarizes the book this way:

Take statins if you’re over 50, and baby Aspirin, too. Drop the vitamin supplements like they were a lit cigarette. Junk the juicer. If the vegetables at the supermarket aren’t today-fresh, opt for fresh frozen. Wear sensible shoes. Eat lunch and go to bed at the same time every day. Get your flu shot. Move around a lot, even when you aren’t exercising. Digitize your medical records, family history and genetic profile, and store this information on a USB stick. Carry it with you always. Share it, anonymously, with the world.

This presentation by Agus at TED in December, 2011, says that we don’t need to fully understand complex diseases in order to stop them.  While his focus is on physical illness and health, some of the actions that enhance physical health (exercise, for instance) support mental health as well.

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(via the Atlantic)