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By now, talking about the lack of success in changing sexual orientation can feel a little repetitive and boring.  Still,  enough people continue to fall prey to these fraudsters that I think it is worth a little more conversation.

Gabriel Arana recently wrote an excellent and very readable report of his own experience with reparative therapy in an article called “My so-called ex-gay life” in The American Prospect.  His article is worth your attention because he has first hand experience with the biggest names in the “ex-gay” field, Joseph Nicolosi and the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH).  Directly or indirectly, Nicolosi and NARTH have caused untold suffering for thousands of LGBT people.

Another reason to read the article is Arana’s interview with Robert Spitzer, a respected psychologist who in 2001 released a study that seemed to validate ex-gay therapy.  That study has been a foundation of the ex-gay movement.  In his interview, Spitzer asked Arana to print a retraction of his 2001 study because he felt it had been misinterpreted.

For more on the continuing revelations that discredit these attempts to change sexual orientation, I recommend this clip from Rachel Madow’s show.

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