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I was surprised when AARP began last year to address the interests and needs of LGBT people over 50.  They’ve gone beyond using inclusive language to really thinking about what it is like for those of us in the gay community who have gotten to midlife or older.  Good for them.  Their most recent offering is dating advice for gay men of a certain age.  While much of their advice is good for people of any age, their points are particularly relevant for gay men:

  •  Confront your fears, particularly those around ageism.  Focus on being your best self, rather than comparing yourself to the cute young guy at the gym.
  •  Embrace your new reality.  Give up wishing you could be younger or perfect and work on taking care of yourself.
  •  Pick your meet ‘n’ greet venues wisely.  Gay bars may not be the place where you most easily fit in after 50; focus on groups and smaller parties or other events instead.
  •  Be self-aware, not rigid.  When you’ve been around the block you know some things about yourself and what makes you happy.  Keep an open mind, but don’t settle for what you don’t want.
  •  Realize you can be single and happy.  There’s more to focus on than having a romantic relationship.

Good advice, I think.  More about AARP’s resources for the LGBT community can be found on their Pride Page.