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homeWhat are you doing this Labor Day?  Looking for something worthwhile and fun, a place to relax and make friends?

I invite you to join me at Easton Mountain August 30 through September 2 for Bring It On Home, the 2013 Labor Day retreat for gay men.  I’ll be facilitating the weekend along with John Salvato, Frank Carson and Jack Hyman.

Home.  It’s a place where we can feel safe, relax and celebrate life.  It’s where we find our truest selves and where we can nourish our spirits. These Labor Day retreats are an opportunity to connect with others, make friends and find inspiration.  In large and small group activities, we draw from our personal strengths to create and play in a supportive environment.   Do as much or as little as you like.

 Some men return year after year, while newcomers always find an open-hearted welcome.  Join us!  For more information, email me or contact Easton Mountain.