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Body Electric


2015 Body Electric classes I’m facilitating:


Celebrating the Body Erotic

  • Los Angeles, March 20-22

Celebrating the Body Erotic for Male Couples

  • New York City, March 14-15
  • San Diego, September 19-20

Celebrating the Body Erotic, Level 2

  • Tulsa, November 7-8

Into the Valley of Delight, Los Angeles, September 24-27

One of the best-kept secrets in our culture is the joy of quality anal touch.  This retreat offers the perfect opportunity to enhance sensual communication and appreciate your entire body…and become even more skilled as a lover. By learning more about anal touch, you’ll learn more about pleasure, delight and touch in all areas of the body.

For more information about programs or to register, go to www.thebodyelectricschool.com