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Resources for health and self-awareness

  • The Kiersey Temperament Sorter is a useful self-exploration tool related to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Take the test online.
  • Concerned about depression?  Here’s a brief online screening for depression, as well as basic information about depression.
  • If anxiety is a concern, visit calmclinic.com for help in understanding and controling anxiety and panic-related problems.
  • Health risk assessment tests can help establish your level of overall well-being.  Check out how to  establish your “Health Quotient” via RealAge.
  • Interested in information about club drugs like ecstasy, crystal, etc.? Visit the National Institute for Drug Abuse.
  • Worried about drinking?  Here’s a self-assessment for alcohol problems from the National Council on Alcoholism.
  • Thinking about quitting smoking?  Quit Smoking Community is a great resource.  And find out what the EPA has to say about second-hand smoke.

Sexual and reproductive health resources

HIV prevention and health

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resources

 Atlanta-area LGBT resources

  • Gay Spirit Visions. An organization promoting Gay men’s spirituality, particularly in the Southeastern United States.
  • The Galano Club is a twelve-step resource for GLBTQ people and others in Atlanta.  It hosts Alcholics Anonymous, Al-Anon,Narcotics Anonymous and other support groups.
  • Atlanta Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • Lost-n-Found Youth is an Atlanta organization providing crisis support to homeless and at-risk LGBT youth.

Erotic healing resources

  • The Body Electric School  Phone: (510) 653-1594. The primary resource for men’s programs devoted to sacred sexuality. Programs for women are also offered.  Do you live in Australia or New Zealand?  The Body Electric School also offers courses there.  Visit bodyelectricoz.org for more information.
Massage therapists and bodyworkers I respect around North America: